Ice Cream! I Scream!

In the world of toddlers vs nutritious food, all too often toddlers come out on top… One minute they are in LOVE with “Brocc-eeeeeee!!!!” and the next it’s spat out and sent flying across the kitchen, landing unceremoniously at the cat’s feet – who incidentally wouldn’t touch it with a finely sharpened claw either.  What?  That doesn’t happen at your house?!

On these days I like to whip out my secret weapon – The Vitamix.  In goes a little almond/soy/oat milk (whatever I have on hand), a frozen banana, some crushed walnuts and a quarter of a frozen avocado.  Blend, mash, whirrr it all up and you have a delightful little treat full of healthy fats and natural sweetness.  “C” tonight was literally squealing with joy as she ate spoonful after heaping spoonful of the “hot hot hot!” ice cream.  (All of her temperature extremes are hot right now…)


Banana ice cream is seriously the best.  If you don’t have a high-speed blender I have read that it can be done in a food processor though I have not personally tried it.  It’s a great base for any flavor or any add-in: peanut butter, chocolate, frozen berries, even ginger if you like ginger snaps.  Go crazy with your bad-self and recreate any Ben and Jerry’s or Dairy Queen Blizzard you fancy.  You want to wait for the bananas to ripen before freezing, keeping in mind the riper they are, the more banana flavor you will have.  It pays dividends to stock up and have a stash always ready in the freezer… same with a few avocados to add that brain food to the mix.  Anyone have a favorite blend they’d like to share?  Here are a few links I’ve come across for this divine dessert.  I hope you enjoy!

I think come summer we are going to literally be going bananas…


One thought on “Ice Cream! I Scream!

  1. Thank you for this post, Karen. I needed the reminder that it’s important to put in the extra effort for having a healthy family!

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